Islamic Republic of Iran: 42 years of revolution, resistance and resilience continues

Or even worse: a philosoraptor?

42 years ago, the people of Iran overthrew the most despotic regime installed and supported by the most powerful nation on earth, the U.S through the most popular non-violent movement under the leadership of pious, scholarly, and humble leadership of Imam Khomeini without any external support.

The Shah of Pahlavi regime was one of the most powerful and brutal dictators in his time.  He gave free hand to the U.S in Iran’s internal and external affairs, its natural resources and freedom just like many oil kings in the region today.

Islamic Revolution of Iran is a unique revolution of its own based on a principle and supported by Iranian people from every walks of life.  Iran a nation of multi-faith, multicultural with full of resources and one of the oldest civilizations.

From the very beginning of the Islamic revolution declared explicitly that the revolution is for the oppressed people of the world beyond its religious and national identity.  The very basic slogan of the revolution was ‘neither to West nor to East, neither to Shia nor to Sunni.  These slogans not only appealed Muslim world, most of them are under dictatorship supported by the U.S but also attracted other nations.

In 1979 the successful revolution established the first Islamic Republic in Iran. When the revolution began to inspire the Muslim world and the region, the U.S and its allies both in the West and in the region wanted to destabilize the new nation that was already weak. Theenemies of the revolution and freedom groomed Saddam of Iraq, another brutal dictator to invade Iran.  The enemies of humanity and Muslims wanted to paint the Saddam’s aggression as a war between Arabsvs Persians and Shias vs Sunni.

Saddam’s eight-year imposed war resulted more than half a million casualties and several billion dollars in damages. The West supplied arms including chemical weapons to Saddam, but his objectives never materialized.  Instead, the spirit of revolution only solidified but also produced thousands of martyrs that inspired coming generations. The war became the holy defense.

Iran’s defense strategies and defense industries developed from the lesson they learned from Saddam’s aggression.  Iran transformed like a phoenix and took the revolution to the next stage, the resistance.

Iran began to manufacture indigenously designed its own deterrence and almost self-sufficient.

Despite eight-year war, instead of taking revenge against Iraq, Iran is helping them to rebuild from post Saddam chaos and protecting them from global terrorism.

U.S continued its enmity towards Iran through economic sanctions, propaganda war, covert terror attacks including target killing of its nuclear scientists, scholars, and army generals.

U.S continues imposing economic sanctions to cripple Iranian economy and Trump unilaterally withdrew from JCPOA exposing U.S hypocrisy towards its own commitment. When it comes to Iran changes in American administration does not mean anything that Biden proves.

Despite 42 years of turbulence Iran continue to progress in almost every filed, particularly human development index, gender equality and women empowerment.

In 2020, U.S killed Iran’s Qasem Soleimani and nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in a cowardly manner.  But Iran derived its strength from every loss and maintained its resilience.

Today, Iran is more powerful than 42 years ago and a decision maker in the region, continues to inspire nations beyond the region. Iran’s national integrity and political stability can not be questioned, its solid strong under its unique leadership of ‘Wilayat-e-Faqih’ and hybrid religion-political democracy.

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