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Assassination of most senior nuclear scientist will not break Iran’s will power

Since Iran ousted the US backed brutal dictator, the Shah in 1979, Iran has been subjected to imposed war, sanctions and many terror attacks.

The Trump regime aggravated Iran at the beginning of 2020 by assassinating Iran’s top commander. The latest in the series is the assassination of Iran’s top-nuclear-scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, provoking new crisis.

Millions of Muslims have been systematically slaughtered since 9/11 by the US and its allies under the pretext of ‘war on terror’.

America used 9/11 as an excuse to invade and to destroy Muslim counties. ‘War on terror’ was institutionalised to wage war, imposesanctions, and propagate to topple those governmentsin the Muslim world who would not take orders from Washington. US and its allies which are currently involved in numerous illegal wars against defenseless nations.

The Islamic Republic of Iran stood against American hegemony and inspired many nations in the region to do the same. Iran has continued to maintain itsindependent policies and integrity. For the last forty years while Iran kept alive the issue of Palestine, oppressive dictators and illegal regimes worked toAmerican script to stay in power. Human rightsviolation and oppression against the peoples of these nations continued with the endorsement of US.

Trump, the most disgusting President wanted another war, requesting for the option to attack Iran. He continued hostilities by intensifying the economic war against Iran during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Iran has accused Israel the killing of its nuclear scientists and this is direct provocative action on Iran under the guise of stopping Iran’s nuclear program.Given that Iran is encircled by US military bases in the region, it’s reasonable to presume if Iran does utilizeevery deterrent including developing its nuclear technology.

Those who oppose Iran’s nuclear program have themselves undeclared number of nuclear weapons and the world notes that US is the only country which has used it to kill millions in the past.

International communities must stop supporting war-hawk controlled regimes from attacking other nations, their scientists, army chiefs and others.

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