2023 Spring Festival Chinese Painting Exhibition in Sydney

Australian China Cultural Centre held specially curated Chinese paintings in collaboration with Australian Artists Society on 11 January in Sydney.

The purpose of the exhibition by famous artists was to promote cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Australia.  At the same time to strengthen the bond between overseas Chinese in Australia and their home country, said Mr. Dong Liu, the deputy director of China Cultural Centre during his welcomespeech.

The Chinese painting has history of thousand years and marvelous heritages in the world of art. In our time, Chinese paintings connect Eastern and Western culture through Chinese Australian artists.  This fusion of arts brings diversity and enriches Australian multicultural space.  This exhibition showcased ten Chinese Australian artists including Xiuying Chen, MingcalSun, Chu gong, Xiaoxian Tao, Xianlai Xu, AihuaZhang, Xia Chen, Ximei Xu, Jige Liu and Weikai Pengthe president of Australian Artists Society.

Mr. Peng said in his speech that these art works not only showcase the inheritance of the traditional techniques with Chinese cultural richness but also broaden the artistic realm with various exploration fostered by Australian multiculturalism.

The president of the Australian Watercolor Institute, Mr. David Van Nunen OAM shared his experiences with Chinese paintings and watercolor expertise.  He is an exponent of the plein air landscape painting tradition for more than four decades.  Since 1974, Mr.Nunen has had over 40 solo exhibitions in Australia, the United States, France, Mexico, China and Thailand, including the Australian Embassies in Paris, Washington D.C. and Mexico City, and participated in more than 100 group exhibitions in Australia, America, France, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and China.

Mr. Liu also wished the guests Chinese New Year which will start on January 22, the Year of Rabbit,which is to be a year of hope and lucky things prediction.

The program ended with traditional Chinese dinner arranged by the Chinese Cultural Centre Administrator Mr. Yixin Wei and her team.

Written by Hanif Bismi

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