“Dr. Mila Kasby” The first ever Greens councilor to The Hills – Sydney’s Garden Shire

The residents of The Hills Shire elected 12 Councilors and the Mayor on 4 December 2021 as part of the 2021 NSW Government Elections. They were elected for the full term of four years representing Central, North, East, and Westwards of the Hills Shire Council.

The Hills Shire Council has been a conservative local government for a long time, this election broke its records by electing first-ever Greens member to the Council, Dr. Ms. Mila Kasby from North Ward.

Dr. Mila Kasby (File Photo)

Dr. Kasby, by profession, is a veterinarian at Great Western Animal Hospital, Wentworthville since 2003. She has been spending a lot of time working with Veterinarians for Climate Action as she is concerned about the effects of climate change on wildlife and natural ecosystems.

Dr. Kasby has been living in the Garden Shire for the past 38 years and married with two young girls. She believes that every summer our community is on edge as record-breaking temperatures soar day and night, bushfire seasons are extended, and many more days reach a fire danger rating of ‘severe’ or above. She is concerned about the increasing frequency of heatwaves, fires, and the loss of biodiversity and natural ecosystems.  Her concerns are that currently no action is being taken at the local government level to protect the people of the Hills District.

Dr. Kasby would like to bring those innovative practical projects happening around Australia to our community at the local level. Some ideas that community members put forward that she supports such as creating a climate strategy including transitioning to 100% renewable energy and setting a net-zero target by 2030.

People at the Hills District wanted to protect our wild places and biodiversity, more natural parkland with trees and shades, and heat-proof shaded playgrounds. This time people elected the first Greens Councilor hoping to fulfill these needs.

There was a dedicated hard working Greens team behind this first success led by Dr. Vida Shahamat, she was a candidate for the mayor. 5 News Australia wishes all the best for Dr. Kasby and her team in the future.


Written by Hanif Bismi

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