Elizabeth Farrelly Independents – Policy launch at Parramatta

On 12 February Elizabeth Farrelly and her supporters gathered at Old Government House Parramatta to launch their Planning and Health and other policies for the upcoming NSW election.

This state election will be different from previous onesas the new party Elizabeth Farrelly Independents (EFI) is going to contest and posing a challenge to conventional politics. EFI is composed of regular people like you and I seeking to change politics with citizen voices in the NSW Upper House.  They care about people, not politics, and they will fight for positive outcomes for everyone in NSW regardless whoever and wherever.

The program opened with Sunil Badami’sacknowledgment of country followed by Cheryl Batesspeech. Cheryl, Chair of the National Trust, Parramatta branch, also welcomed the guests.

Elizabeth Farrelly introduced the Planning and Health policy for her team who will be making the relatedchanges in forthcoming NSW election.

Dr Elizabeth Farrelly is a Sydney based author, architecture critic, essayist, columnist and speaker.  She served as independent Councilor from 1991 to 1995 with the City of Sydney.  She was also elected to the 2021 board of the National Trust of Australia (NSW).

“We need effective planning of our villages, cities, towns’ productive land and green spaces to preserve what we cherish and restore what we have lost.  We must make ‘the public good’ central to planning assessments,” Elizabeth emphasized parts of her policy. Policies also include reduction of Ministerial discretion and to bring to an end, faceless appointed planning panels.

As part of health policy, we need to invest in keeping people healthy, ensuring we properly compensate nurse and care givers; and put an end to degrading and exorbitantly priced aged care, she explained.

Jennifer Wilder, co-founder of Grow Urban Shade Trees (GUST) spoke about incentives and exemplifiedthe reduction and mitigation of urban heat. Dr. Kim Loo, Chair Doctor for the Environment Australia (DEA) spoke about how increasing temperature is impacting on our health. Dr. Cybele Dey, Child and Adolescent psychiatrist also spoke on her expertise. Sunil was the MC for the event and BBQ withrefreshment served at the end.


Written by Hanif Bismi

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