Indian Support Center celebrates 8 years of services to the community

On 10 Nov, the Indian Support Center (ISC) proudly commemorated eight years of dedicated community service. Established in 2015 by Mr. Subba RaoVarigonda, it stands as a non-governmental organization and an autonomous entity, addressing community challenges within the Indian sub-continent migrants.

Mr. Subba Rao Varigonda is an IT engineer migrated from India three decades ago and serving the community. ISC has a dedicated team of six volunteers with an office manager, Ms. Vijaya Nadendle to help resolve community issues for people from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka residing in Australia.  

ISC also opened an office in Dubbo to reach out regional NSW known as Dubbo Support Center to foster unity, diversity and community well-being.

The 8th anniversary program conducted at Sydney’s Wentworthville community center.  The program was inaugurated by the esteemed Hon. Dr. Hugh McDermott, with Ms. Lisa Lake, Mayor of Cumberland Council, serving as the chief guest alongside other distinguished community leaders.

President Subba Rao eloquently presented the Center’s remarkable eight-year journey, highlighting its success in providing crucial support at various levels. These services encompass assistance for new migrants, job seekers, those affected by domestic violence, public notary services, and computer skills training for senior citizens.

Guiding the evening’s proceedings as the Master of Ceremonies, Center Manager Ms. Vijaya Nadendlaorchestrated an array of cultural programs. The event also took a moment to honor and recognize the invaluable contributions of senior members within the communities. This celebration stands as a testament to the Indian Support Center’s enduring commitment to enhancing and empowering the lives of those it serves.

Written by Hanif Bismi

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