Iran celebrates 44th anniversary of Islamic Republic

Islamic Revolution Day, observed on February 11, marks the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979. In Iran it is observed on the 22nd day of the Persian month of Bahman (February 11). The Islamic Revolution of Iran refers to a series non-violent, indigenous mass uprising that overthrew the most powerful dictator of our time. An installed puppet, Shah Pahlavi claimed two-thousand and five-hundred years of monarchy and was well supported by world super powers.

On 9 February, the Embassy of Iran in Australia organized the 44th anniversary celebration in Canberra while the Iranian nation, its diplomatic missions and diaspora celebratedinternationally. The event was conducted at the Commonwealth Club Canberra.

The Embassy of Iran welcomed the diplomats, community leaders and guests according to the protocol and this was followed by Iranian and Australian national anthems.

His Excellency Dr. Mohammad Pournajaf, the Charge’d’Affairs, Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran addressed the guests. In his speech, he briefly explained the challenges over the past four decades faced by the Iranian nation which it had successfully overcame while still maintaining its freedom and integrity.  He further gave details of Iran’s achievements in many fields as the nation moved forward to new horizons of development.

His Excellency pointed out that the Islamic Republic from the very beginning of its establishment faced extreme challenges that no other nation had to face. Such as the eight-year imposed war supported by the super power and its allies, crippling sanctions and ongoing propaganda media war, assassinations of  Iran’s scientists and other officials to date. However, Iran remarkably was able to independently achieve great progress in education, science, technology and research fields, especially theempowerment of women through education and employment. Iran is one of the very few nations in the region that has successfully conducted regular democratic elections since 1979.

The presence of international diplomats at the celebration reflects Iran’s socio-political influence despite the consistent propaganda against Iran by those nations that supported ShahPahlavi. Today Iran is not only the most influential nation in theIslamic world but also in the region and beyond.

The guests at event were international diplomats from Russia, Switzerland, Venezuela, Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Laos, Mauritius, Georgia and the Apostolic Nunciatuer in Australia, the representative of Pope in Australia, including academics, religious and community leaders.

The 44th anniversary celebration at Commonwealth Club, Canberra showcased Iran’s diplomatic influence in the world.  The presence of international diplomatic representation was the manifestation of their solidarity with the Islamic Republic of Iran sending clear messages to those who instigating the ‘regime change’ narrative in the region that Iran is not alone. At the event, the traditional Iranian food was served.

Written by Hanif Bismi

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