It is long past time to stop Turkey-Armenian conflict and killing diplomats

On 17 December 2021, Turkish diplomatic mission in Sydney commemorated the 1980 killing of Turkish diplomats in Sydney.  Since 1975 Turkish diplomats and their family members were targeted globally by Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia(ASALA). According to Turkish government, eleven diplomats were killed in 1970s and nineteen in 1980s around the world. This trend is highly disturbing not only for Turkey but other peaceful nations like Australia which hosts Turkish and other diplomats. 

Modern Turkey emerged from the dismantled Ottoman Empire in 1922. The Ottoman Empire (1300-1922) was one of the largest and oldest empires in the world, but it lost its glory after World War I (1914-1918). Both Germany and Ottoman were defeated in the war which changed the world politics and power balance in Europe. The great Ottoman Empire was reduced to the secular Republic of Turkey and the new Republican Parliament overthrew the last ruler, Sultan Mehmet VI.  

Armenia was part of the Ottoman Empire in the 16thcentury during the Ottoman-Safavid war (1532-1555 and 1623-1639) and became the Armenian millet. At the end of the Ottoman Empire, Armenia became part of Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922 and became known as Soviet Armenia. In 1991, when the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia ceased to exist, modern Republic of Armenia emerged along with other former Soviet Republics.

As per ASALA claims, Armenian genocide took place in 1915, during the World War I under the Ottoman-Russian Empires’ conflict. Therefore, ASALA sought to haunt the current Republic of Turkey’s diplomats all over the world. This jeopardises international peace and harmony and the security of those nations such as Australia and other countries which host Turkish diplomats.

Today, there is no Ottoman Empire, Armenian millet,or Soviet Union.  Yet Turkish diplomats continue to be under threat of ASALA.  The international diplomatic communities are also under threat if this trend continues.  This should not only be condemned but also be stopped. 

Written by Hanif Bismi

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