The Great Legacy of Peace screened at Blacktown Hoyts

“When the light of peace shines in the hearts of people, it becomes the light that never fades away”


On Saturday the 8th of October, Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) in collaboration with the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) organized the screening of the Great Legacy at Blacktown Hoyts.

The documentary movie illustrates how Chairman Lee stopped 40 years of conflict in Mindanao, Philippines and established peace.  Also highlights the other individuals involved in the conflicts and peace agreement.

The program began with introducing the objectives of the movie and vision of HWPL. Two MCs also introduced some of the guests who were present and welcomed the audiences. The MCs were Karl Robosa and Fa’alia Mareko.

After the show, community activist Ms. Marilie Bomedianobriefed the history of the conflict in Mindanao and highlighted the importance of peace process.  She also said how HWPL is committed to peace in the world.

Ms. Lydia Im, the manager of Australian Branch of IWPG was present at the event along with other IWPG members such as, Jane He, Cindy and Adrienne.

Similar screening is scheduled in the city on next Saturday.



Written by Hanif Bismi

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