MEFF Eid Festival – The largest Muslim gatherings in Australia

Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair (MEFF), the first, the largest and longest running Eid Festival in Australia celebrated its 37thannual Eid festival at Fairfield Showground on Sunday 15 Many 2022.  The organizers could not conduct the festival for last two years due to the pandemic and health restrictions.  The uncertainty continued early this year.  But MEFF management under the leadership of Hanif Bismi was able to organize one of the largest multicultural gatherings in Sydney within a short period of time.

Hanif Bismi, the president of MEFF spoke to the media that he and his team were uncertain about the outcome of the event because of last minutes preparation and unfavorable weather forecast.  But he thanked Almighty Allah that everything went well far more than expected as thousands of people poured into the Show Ground making this year’s festival one of the most successful event in MEFF and multicultural gatherings in Sydney.  He said our stall owners and other participants were extremely happy.  He also thanked the support he and his team received by the community members, Fairfield council, NSW Police and Ambulance and volunteers and their family members.

Mr. Bismi particularly thanked the media coverage by community media personalities and sponsors. He also highlighted that this year MEFF decided free entry which was a great decision that turned out to be very positive. He also promised, Insha Allah MEFF will showcase a better and bigger multicultural event in the coming years to maintain harmony and cohesion in Australian society by bringing more diverse communities on board.

Written by 5NEWS

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