The Grand Multicultural Mawlid Concert held in Sydney

On 16th October Sydney witnessed Australia’s largest multicultural Mawlid Concert at Sydney Olympic Park Quay Centre.  Mawlid is the celebration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his progeny) throughout the Muslim world and Sydney showcased it as one of the best.

Darulfatwa, the Islamic High Council of Australia and Islamic Charity Project Association (ICPA) organised the largest concert in Australia under the theme,The life story of Prophet Muhammad, A Way of Life.  More than five thousand people from Australia’s diverse communities attended the auspicious event.

The chief guest for the event, Her Excellency, the Hon. Margaret Beazley the Governor of NSW opened the ceremony at the VIP gathering at the Quay Centre. In her speech Her Excellency highlighted the reasons for celebrating Mawlid as bringing peoples together in peace, joy and friendship” pointing out that there was connection between Muslims and Australia prior toBritish arrival in 1800s and Muslim contribution to Australia to date.

Addressing the VIP guests, ICPA president Mr Mohammad Mehio mentioned that ICPA is the forefront of moderate teachings, binding the community and bridging gaps to protect society from extremist ideologies. The Vice President and principal of Salamah College, Mr Wissam Saad was MC for the event.

The inaugural program was also attended by Dr Sheikh Ibrahim El Shafie who represented His Eminence Prof. Sheikh Salim Alwan, the Chairman of Darulfatwa. The Minister for Multiculturalism, Hon Mark Courerepresented the Premier of NSW Hon Dominic Perrottet. Hon Shaoquett Moselamne and Hon Jihad Dib were also present along with community leaders, media personalities and other guests.

Diplomats also attended the function such as, His Excellency Dr Basim Hattab Habash Al Tumma the Iraqi Ambassador, Mr Mohamed Khalil the Consul General of Egypt, Mr Muhammad Ashraf, the Consul General of Pakistan and Mr Mayer Dabbagh the Honorary Consul of Syria.

Local Mayors and council members such as, Ms Lisa Lake, Mr Bilal ElHayek, George Zakhia, Mr KhodrSaleh, Suman Saha and Mohamad Hussein were also present. NSW Police was represented by Mr Neville Tomkins, Commander Martin Fileman, and Commander Adam Johnson of Bankstown Police along with various community leaders and religious scholars.

Dr Sheikh Ibrahim El Shafie led the entourage of VIP guests to the stadium while holding the relics of Prophet Muhammad (P).

The grand concert began after the recitation of Holy Quran by Sheikh Ahamd El Kheir and the MC for the function was Mohab Saydawi who used poetic description to emphasize the compassion of the Holy Prophet for humanity. (P).

The world class performance by international communities showcased the Resilience, Rejoice, and Reverie in the Way of Life of Prophet Muhammad (P)in a magnificent concert.

Written by Hanif Bismi

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