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National Quran Competition 2023 Celebrates Outstanding Quran Reciters


Sydney, Bankstown – The city of Sydney recently hosted the highly anticipated National Quran Competition 2023, where the top three participants from six states of NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, and WA showcased their exceptional recitation skills. In the last month of Ramadan, Al Tadhkirah Institute held nationwide

Local level Quran competition in all 6 states were held in the last month of Ramadan (April) and now the top three winners from the six local competitions were invited to the national level competition. The event, organized by Al TadhkirahInstitute (ATI) supported by Islamic Practice and DawahCircle (IPDC) a leading Islamic organization in Australia. It took place on the 3rd of June 2023, Saturday in Bankstown Brayan Theatre NSW attracting an audience of esteemed community members, leaders, and religious scholars.

Amidst fierce competition in the month of Ramadan and an atmosphere brimming with devotion, 18 finalists were selected from an impressive pool of approximately 1,500 participants across Australia. The esteemed panel of judges included Sheikh Tarek Al Bikai, the Principal of Al Bayan Institute; Sheikh Moosad Issa, the Imam of Parramatta Mosque; and Sheikh Adid Al Rubai, President of the Muhjirun Association. These knowledgeable scholars brought their expertise and keen discernment to assess the participants’ recitation skills, tajweed (rules of pronunciation and intonation), and overall mastery of the Quranic sciences.

The prize giving ceremony held immense significance as it not only recognized the talent and dedication of the participants but also provided an opportunity to honor the rich Islamic heritage. The President of the Australian National Imams Council, Shiekh Shadi Alsuleiman, graced the occasion alongside several community members and leaders. The chair of Al Tadhkirah Institute Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Secretary Shaikh Abu Hurayra, Deputy President of IPDC Eng Monir Hossain, Secretary General Dr Moniruzzaman,states representatives, states campus principals joined the program.

Ibrahim Kherkah, representing NSW, emerged as the champion of the National Quran Competition 2023, impressing the judges with his flawless recitation. For his exceptional performance, Ibrahim was awarded a cash prize of $3,000, symbolizing the recognition of his hard work and devotion to the Holy Quran. Aisha Mohamed Abdirahman, representing WA, secured second place, demonstrating her remarkable talent and deep connection with the Quran. Aisha received a prize of $2,000, acknowledging her outstanding efforts in the competition. Hafsah Mohamed Naleem, flying in from VIC, claimed the third position in the competition, captivating the judges and audience with her recitation. Hafsah was awarded a prize of $1,000 as a testament to her dedication and skill.

In addition to celebrating the accomplishments of the participants, the National Quran Competition 2023 also extends its heartfelt gratitude to the parents of the contestants. Their unwavering support, dedication, and sacrifices played a pivotal role in nurturing the participants’ love for the Quran and their ability to excel in its recitation.

The event not only celebrated the participants’ individual achievements but also highlighted the broader significance of the Quran in the lives of Muslims. It served as a reminder of the importance of understanding and embodying the teachings of the Quran, fostering unity and spirituality within the Australian Muslim community.

Lastly, Br. Mahmud Alam, State president of IPDC NSW addressed the guests and the community as well as requested the audience to work together with IPDC and Al TadhkirahInstitute all across the country. Finally, Sk Abdur Rahman, Principal Al Tadhkirah Institute WA thanked the guests and concluded the program with Islamic supplications.