The Celebration of Mercy: Miladu Nabi celebration in NSW Parliament HouseThe Celebration of Mercy: Miladu Nabi celebration in NSW Parliament House

Australia’s oldest Parliament, the Parliament of NSW joined with Muslim communities across Australia to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) on 11 October.  This grand event “The Celebration of Mercy” organized by Rahma Association of Australia where various Islamic scholars, Australian parliamentarians, and leaders of other faith joined showcasing unity.

Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane, the first Australian Muslim Parliamentarian facilitated the grand event at the Strangers’ Dining Room in the Parliament House under the guidance of His Eminence Sheikh Azzam Mesto and Mr. Shady Elriche the president of the RahmaAssociation.  

Prophet Muhammad (p) was sent as a Mercy to the Universe by Almighty God to guide humanity and to complete the Abrahamic Mission of Oneness of God and spread peace and mercy among the people beyond nationality, color, language, and ethnicity.   The message of Prophet Muhammad (P) is universal and eternal regardless of culture and civilization.

The program began with Australian National anthem followed by recitation of Holy Quran which started with “Bismi llahi Rahman i Raheem” means in the name of God, the Beneficent and the Merciful.  Prophet Muhammad (P) was sent as a “mercy to the worlds” (Holy Quran 21:107).

Ahabb Al Mustafa performed a Nasheed followed by speech by Mr Shady Elriche, Hon. Mark Coure, the Minister for Multiculturalism and seniors and Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane.  Then Sheikh Malek Zeidan led the Magrib prayers.

After the prayers, speeches were continued by Sheikh Yahya Al Safi the Imam of Imam Ali Mosque Lakembafollowed by Father Dave Smith and Hon Chris Minns MP.  Other speakers were Hon. Jihad Dib MP, Hon Guy Zangari MP.  There was also a short presentation by Ms. Amira Taybah Mesto followed by the Global Islamic Anthem by Ahbab al Mustafa.  The Global Islamic Anthem is also famously known ‘Tala al badru alayna’ which was first sung by the people of Madina when they welcomed Prophet Muhammad (P) as he reached there upon migration from Mecca.

This kind of gathering enriches Australian multiculturalism and facilitates interfaith harmony and understanding towards a better cohesive society.

The final note of supplication was given by Sheikh Azzam Mesto followed by gift presentations to the members of Parliament. Dinner was served during the program.


Written by Hanif Bismi

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