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Six successful online workshops for Australian community media

“The media are of course not a monolithic whole.  The press, radio and TV each have their own constrains and modus operandi” ​​Akbarzadeh, S. (2010, v)
Sydney’s leading media, Suprovat Sydney under the leadership of its Editor in Chief, Abdullah Yousuf organized a six-day online Professional Development Workshop for the Australian community media representatives between 11th and 30th July. More than 100 media persons from 75 different organizations attended.  This event was sponsored by the Multicultural NSW Government.
The Suprovat Sydney which has been actively broadcasting community news for more than a decade, also initiated many important events targeting multicultural communities around Sydney. The recent online workshop was one of such initiative by Mr. Abdullah Yousuf and his professionally well-organized team.

The first of the series of workshop was “How media sees different communities in Australia”. How can community media play a role in this existing framework? Keynote speaker was Dr Bonfiglioli Catriona, senior lecture in Media studies at University of Technology Sydney and the program was chaired by Ziad El-Daoud of Islamic Charity Projects Australia and Group Leader of Liverpool Scout Group.
The second session was “Community media: possibilities and potential” conducted by Ms. Fran Molloy, Australian journalist and author; chaired by Zia Ahmad, a senior Australian journalist and Editor in Chief of AMUST.
The third workshop was on “Legal Aspects of Journalism: Media and the law of contempt”.  Barrister David Baran of Jack Shand Chambers was the keynote speaker, and it was chaired by Rafic Hussein, the board chairman of 2MFM, community radio in Australia.
The fourth session was on ‘ethics of journalism: Practices in Community Media in Australia’, keynote speaker was Dr Jan Ali, senior lecturer, Western Sydney University, and chairperson was Mr. Yuksel Cifci, President Turkish Media.
The fifth session was “What can we learn from Journalism in western cultures, and what can we do to enhance our own?” by Dr. Jim Taggart, professor at Western Sydney University and chaired by Syed Atiq Ul Hassan, Pakistani community leader, founder of Chand Raat and Halal Expo and editor in chief of Tribune International.
The last and sixth workshop was “Experience of dealing with media regarding defamation issue: an academic’s perspective” conducted by Dr Bonfiglioli and Dr. Jahnnabi Das.  This session was chaired by Mr. Abdullah Yousuf himself.
The master of ceremony (MC) for the first and the last sessions was Dr. Shibly Abdullah, lecturer and researcher at Charles Sturt University and Editorial Advisor for Islami Barta. The MC for the second and fifth sessions was Dr. Fazle Rabbi, lecturer at the Crown Institute of Higher Education. The MC for third and fourth session was Mr. Hanif Bismi, political analyst, author, executive producer 5 News Australia, and anchor of Hanif Bismi Show.  The host for the entire program was Mr. Mohammad Golam Mostafa.
There was a Q&A session, and an award will be given for the best question for each session and certificates for participation will be given to each participant once the Covid-19 restrictions have eased.
All the participants appreciated the workshop, which was beneficial, with keynote speakers well versed in the subject matter and the participants said they would like to see more of such events in the future.

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