Shia National Network of Australia (SNNA) celebrates birth anniversary of Lady Fatima Zahra in Sydney

As part of the international celebration of the birth anniversary of Lady Fatima Zahra the beloved daughter of the Prophet of Islam and Lady Kadijah(peace be upon them all), SNNA organized a grant event at Granville Town Hall in Sydney’s west on 07 Jan.

Lady Fatima Zahra was born in 632 in Medina. She was the epic center of the religion of Islam and in every aspects of life she resembled her father, the Prophet. She was highly regarded as the role model of womanhood for all time.

Shia National Network of Australia was established in 2019 by Syed Zawar Shah and other prominent community leaders. SNNA conducted various community programs in collaboration with diverse Muslim communities in general and Shia Muslims in particularl in Sydney.  SNNA conducted women and youth empowerment programs including in NSW Parliament and worked with various government departments.

The program began with the recitation of Holy Quran and announced Ms. Alina Jafar as the MC for the event.  Ms. Alina Jafar welcomed the guests. Ms. Bushra Abdi, Ms. Cheryl Orr, Mr. Jawwad Imam and youth coordinator Ms. Rawasy Al Zubaidi addressed the audience.

Mrs. Sabah Dirani received an award and recognition for her dedication to the community from the president of SNNA Mr. Syed Zawar Shah. There was children’s stage program by Fatima, Ssmaha and their team.  The program was ended with special prayers by Sheikh Javaheri and lunch was also served to the guests.


Written by Hanif Bismi

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