Sydney mourns Iranian President

On Friday 24 May, Australia Iran Friendship Association and other communities organized a memorial in Sydney for the martyrs of the helicopter crash in Iran that killed Iranian president, foreign minister and others.

On Sunday 19 May, a helicopter carrying Iran President and other officials crashed and killed all passengers. The victims were President Syed Ebrahim Raisi, foreign minister HosseinAmir Abdollahian and other officials, Syed Mohammad Ali Al Hashem, Syed Taher Mostafavi, Mohsen Daryanush, BehrouzGhadimi, Malik Rehmati, and Syed Mahdi Mousavi.

Joining international communities mourning the victims, Sydney communities commemorated a memorial gathering at Hussainyat Syeda Zaynab community center in Banksia.

The program began with MC Mustafa Bismi briefing about thetragic event followed by the recitation of Holy Quran by Mohamad Qasif Husseini. Keynote speakers were Sheikh Kamal Musalmani, Sheikh Ahmad Juniad. (Alawi association), Haj Hussain Al Dirani and His Excellency Dr Ahmad Sadaghi, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The program ended with a short majlis by Sayid Abdul Hussein Mourtada.

Various Muslim and non-Muslim community leaders and scholars attended the memorial while over fifty nations’ diplomatic missions in Australia joined in solidarity with Iran and flags were flown at half-mast as a sign of mourning in Canberra.


Written by Hanif Bismi

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