Sydney welcomes Turkish Cyprus President Mr. Ersin Tatar

President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Ersin Tatar arrived Sydney on Friday 24 Mayas part of his Australian tour.  On Saturday, Sydney’s Turkish and Cyprus communities welcomed him at Auburn.  

The president’s first visit was at Auburn Memorial Park and he laid a wreath at the monument in the park along with His Excellency Ufuk Gezer, the Ambassador, and His Excellency Mr. H Mehmet Ercikti, the Vice Consul of the Republic of Turkey.  Mr. Tatar highlighted that tens of thousands of our Turkish Cypriot brothers continue their ties with Cyprus. He also expressed gratitude to them for continuing their commitment to Cyprus, blending of their cultural assets, national culture and spirituality.

The president stressed that TRNC is now an independent Turkish state in the Eastern Mediterranean with the support of the motherland, the Republic of Turkey.

The entourage of the President Ersin Tatar also visitedAuburn Elderly Care Cente. This included the Religious Services Attaché Özcan Gökçebay, GallipoliMosque Religious Officer Abdülhalim Erkoç, and Gallipoli Turkish Cultural Foundation President Dr.Abdurrahman Asaroğlu.

President of the Turkish Solidarity Association, BesirKarasu welcomed the guests at the Turkish Housewhere President of TRNC met with the guests of the association, and answered their questions.

Gallipoli Mosque Imam Abdülhalim Erkoç,accompanied President Ersin Tatar during his visit to Auburn Gallipoli Mosque and spoke about the history of mosque and its current activities. He also introduced the Cypriot Turkish people who attend the mosque.

Cyprus Turkish community had lunch with the visiting president before he left from Auburn.

Written by Hanif Bismi

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