Time for U.S to completely withdraw from the Middle East

Two years ago, the US murdered the most respected Iranian commander and his Iraqi counterpart on Iraqi soil. Almost immediately, the world witnessed an unprecedented pandemic that shut down the world, killed millions, and caused socio-political changes. A UN expert found the US strike on the Iranian general was unlawful. The heroes’ funerals showed how people in Iran and Iraq loved them.

This week thousands of Iraqis marched to mark the 2020 killing, demanding an end to “American terrorism” and occupation. America invaded Iraq in 2003 under the pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which facilitated the destruction of Iraq and posed a direct threat to Iran.

In 1999, America invaded another Muslim country, Afghanistan, committing much of destruction in Afghanistan and Pakistan over the span of 20 years. After spending more than 2 trillion USD in 2 decades, Americans were forced to withdraw from Afghanistan in August 2021 without reaching their military objectives.

America’s dirty war on Syria began in 2011 created more destruction, causalities, and chaos in the region.  Today, after decades of interferences and military presence in the Middle East, America is losing its political and military hold in the region. The religious-political influence of America’s allies in the Muslim world is diminishing in other Muslim countries. Many nations who were traditional allies of oil kingdoms are looking for alternative independent foreign policies with pragmatic working relationships.

Iran and its resistance circle of influence have widened because the international community has rejected the American version of “regime change” in Syria.  Subsequently, geopolitics in the region has changed dramatically. A clear message is being sent to the aging superpower that it is time to withdraw its boots from those countries.

After killing General Soleimani and Al-Muhandis, the people of Iraq demand American presence in Iraq to end. In Syria, the political table turned with the annihilation of most Daesh terrorist cells and chasing out of US mercenaries under the guise of ISIS. Last year the people of Afghanistan after two decades of brutal occupation sent a strong message to the world and Americans that they would no longer tolerate American presence in their war-torn country.

The message is resoundingly clear: it is high time Americans left the region and went home.

Written by Hanif Bismi

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