The Vietnamese Cultural Centre commemorated Two Trung Sisters in Sydney

On 26 February, Vietnamese community commemorated the heroic sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi commonly known as The Trung Sisters at the Vietnamese Cultural Centre in Sydney’s South West.

The Trung sisters were two first-century Vietnamese lady leaders who successfully repelled the Han Dyansty invasion for three years and regarded as national heroines of Vietnam. Today, in Vietnam, a district in Hanoi and several highways and streets are named after them.


The program began with Vietnamese and Australian national anthem followed by traditional Vietnamese prayers. Mr. Paul Huy Nguyen, President of the Vietnamese Community NSW welcomed the guests and the community members. He highlighted the importance of such commemoration to remember the heroes of the nation.  Mrs. Le Lam, the Emeritus Mayor of Auburn addressed the guests and thanked the community to organize such events.

The Australian Vietnamese Community President, Ms. Kate Hoang addressed the community and gave a brief account of the Trung Sisters and their history. Mr. Kevin Lam represented the Mayor Fairfield and Colonel Ton Vo addressed the audience and expressed a detailed history of Vietnam gone through in years.

Vietnamese community leader and one of the main orgainsors of the event, Ms. Therese Le-Dang thanked the guests and community members for attending and making the event a success. She also thanked the volunteers and groups of ladies who showcased the Vietnamese cultural and traditions through prayers and performance. Lunch was served to the guests and people from other background learned many things about Vietnamese history, culture and tradition.

Written by Hanif Bismi

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