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Visiting councilor from India welcomed by The Sydney’s Hills Shire councilors

Mrs. Shareefabi NadulParramb and husband Mr. Abdul Kader are currently visiting Australia.

Mrs. Shareefabi was elected councilor in 2020 for Kerala state’s Tirur village Thalakkad in India.  Prior to her current position she was working as head of social welfare department in Tirurand worked as development officer at various councils.  Kerala has India’s highest literacy rate and best health care system.

On 10 August 2022, Sydney’s Hills Shire councilors, Dr. Mila Kasby and Dr. Barbara Burton met with Mrs. Shareefabi and her husband at the Hills Shire Council building. The three lady councilors discussed the variety of issues they handle in their respective fields including climate change, women safety and domestic violence victim habitation.

Shareefabi pointed out that Kerala is one of India’s greener and cleaner states but flooding in the recent time due to forestclearing and filling of low-lying native paddy fields for housing and commercial constructions without providing appropriate drainage or reforestation.  This situation has impacted climate change and caused increase in temperature. Whereas once Kerala known for its cooler weather throughout the year now has heat waves bringing long periods of unbearable heat.

Both Mila and Barbra stressed that due to climate change bush fires and flooding have become normal in Sydney and Australia for the last few years.  It is time to act globally to preserve the environment for our future generations, plants and animals. Climate change is real even though governments are not ready to admit it or take action seriously but instead allow big corporates to encroach farm lands and forests which destroy not only traditional farming but also kill thousands of domestic and wild animals.

Shareefabi also discussed the increase in dowry-related domestic violence in Kerala which is also a concern for Australia’s CALD communities where young brides are brought from overseas as agreed by Mila and Barbra. Shareefabi works with local government to provide shelter for women in danger, particularly widows and the disabled.  She is trying to bring awareness traditionally conservative society in her constituency making safe house for women, mental health issues and distributing pensions.

Shareefabi thanked both Mila and Barbra for their time and hospitality and also invited them to visit her constituency in India.

Written by Hanif Bismi

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